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Virag Gulyas

📍Denver, CO, USA

- What it means to be an ally since October 7th

- Overcoming Prejudice: The Journey from Antisemitism to Jewish Civil Rights Advocacy

- Antisemitism in Hungary: Separating Facts from Fiction

- Unpacking BDS Influence: Its Impact on the EU and UN

Europe, UN, EU, Zionism, Hungary, BDS, Allyship


Virag Gulyas is a former diplomat to the E.U., Communications consultant, journalist, and conscious activist who earned her 2nd Master's in Jewish Studies at Touro College, Manhattan.

As a woman who admits growing up around anti-Semite jokes and vibes, today she writes and speaks about her journey and is well-known for her raw-honest blog, The Almost Jewish, both in the U.S., Europe, and Israel. As a loud pro-Jewish voice, a Hungarian, and a non-Jewish Zionist, she has created an ideology to change the stereotypes about Israel and the Jewish people one day at a time.

As a former ballerina, Virag toured the world with the Zurich Ballet, gaining a lifelong love of travel and pushing the boundaries of her experience. Now an expat and a seasoned serial entrepreneur several times over, she brings her fierce passion and broad experience to the struggle for Jewish liberation from bigotry.

She has been working on several high-profile educational and P.R. campaigns that helped to outburst the bubble of false narratives around Israel and called out the double standard around Jewish civil rights actions.

She previously acted as the NYC coordinator for the grassroots movement called End Jew Hatred.

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