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About us

We're here to provide expert speakers to any venue, large or small. We work primarily with the Jewish National Fund USA (JNF USA) and World Jewish Congress (WJC), but we'll make sure that our speakers are available to all organizations Jewish and non-Jewish as well as businesses and companies that need expert advice on topics like Israel, the Middle East, Antisemitism, Zionism… you name it! 


The Global Speakers Bureau curates a  professional line-up of expert speakers to provide relevant content that's not just entertaining, but impactful. It's harder than you think to find a presenter who has both expertise and can engage your audience.  


With experts and speakers spanning from all backgrounds, you can rely on the Global Speakers Bureau for any topics around Jewish, Israel, Middle East, Antisemitism and Zionism related matters.



Our vision is to be YOUR go-to Speaker's Bureau for all things Jewish.

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