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Stella Escobedo

📍San Diego, CA, USA

- Mainstream media bias : Jewish Lives Don’t Matter

- From Russian Jewish Refugee to accomplished Emmy - Award Winning journalist : fighting mainstream media bias



Stella Inger Escobedo is an Emmy- award winning journalist who has spent many years reporting on stories that matter to you. With a passion for journalism, Stella has worked in local newsrooms across the nation, interviewing everyone from political figures to cultural icons and has given a voice to those who have often been overlooked.

At the age of 7, Stella and her family came to the US from Uzbekistan as Jewish refugees.

She grew up in Los Angeles where she graduated from USC. Drawing from her personal life experiences as a refugee, she lends her voice as a passionate advocate of the Jewish community.

As someone who spent more than 15 years in local newsrooms, Stella is dedicated to fighting the media bias against Israel and Jews. She is very outspoken about how the media has missed the mark on correctly reporting the facts of October 7th and beyond. Many of her videos lending advice to journalists and corporate media have gone viral. That includes videos criticizing the corporate media quoting the Gaza Ministry of Health while omitting that the Gaza Ministry of Health is run by Hamas. The good news is, it didn’t fall on deaf ears, with the media finally calling them the Hamas-run Gaza Ministry of Health. However, Stella says there is still a lot of work to be done.

As someone who grew up in a Jewish family, her grandparents would talk to her about the Holocaust. She never understood how the world allowed it to happen. After October 7th, it’s became very clear that antisemitms is alive and the media’s bias coverage isn’t helping.

As a wife and mother to two beautiful girls, it’s important to Stella that her children know their Jewish culture and that they understand that they come from a people who have demonstrated resilience for thousands of years. Never Again is NOW.

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