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Sara Galico

📍 Mexico City, Mexico

- Fake News and Conspiracy Theories During COVID-19

- Holocaust Distortion Meets Anti-Zionism:
Comparing Israelis to Nazis

- How Did Nazi Germany Pave the Way to Genocide?

Diaspora, UN, Antisemitism, Small Communities


Sara Galico is a Mexican educator, writer and speaker. She graduated with honors in International Relations from the Universidad Iberoamericana and has a master’s in Management and Leadership in Organizations from the Universidad Hebraica. For more than 15 years she has fought against Anti-Semitism, discrimination and hatred, seeking alternatives to create environments of inclusion and tolerance in society. She has contributed to the publication of several articles related to social justice and has given international lectures for teachers, families and students that cover topics of prejudice, discrimination, gender equality, anti-Semitism, Holocaust, and Cyber-Bullying. She is a writer on current affairs, creator of “Dos de Opinion” blog. She is the Director of Vaad Hajinuj, an organization coordinating Jewish education in Mexico, and a high school teacher.

She is currently a member of the JD Corps of the World Jewish Congress, an elite diplomatic program representing the Jewish communities of the world.

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