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Ron Wasserman

📍New York City, NY, USA

- Apartheid, ethnic cleansing and BDS?!
- 1948 War of Independence
- Pre-State Israeli History: How the Jewish people gained political independence in its homeland for the first time in 2000 years

BDS, Terrorism, History


Ron Wasserman had organic doses of Zionism from birth in visiting Israel most summers as a young kid as his mother was from there. While in his youth Israel was really about family until the onset of the second intifada. This is where his Zionism changed into activism. Ron currently serves as the chairman of Fuel For Truth, an organization founded by young secular unaffiliated Jews in the aftermath of 911 who felt the need to educate their peers on the facts and reality behind Israel’s founding and the conflict.

The goal of the organization is to present the truth surrounding the Jewish State so young Jews can feel confident and articulate clearly how they feel about the Jewish state and the controversial issues surrounding the topic. During his time at FFT he developed educational content that FFT used in its flagship boot camp program where young Jewish professionals would come for a multi week course to learn about the facts and reality of the Arab Israeli conflict.

These classes were being taught in several major US cities over a period of at least a decade. He currently resides in Great Neck NY with his wife and 4 boys working as a SVP for Flagstar Bank. In his free time he is putting on workshops for adults/kids educating them on the topic of Israel and actively meets with Congressman and Senators from all over the country in order to strengthen the US Israel relationship.

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