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Rachael Stern


⁠- Israel’s Biggest Front, The Media War: How to Be the First on the Scene

- How Oct. 7th Reverberated Through Israel’s News Agency: Fake News = Real Violence

-⁠ ⁠Is the solution to diaspora Jews' largest problem lie within dissecting our sources?

Media, Antisemitism


Rachael Stern, the Director of Operations at TPS IL, is dedicated to reshaping the media narrative to combat antisemitism. A former lone soldier in the IDF’s International Relations Unit, Rachael’s journey led her to study counterterrorism and government at Reichman University. In her role at TPS, she serves as a link between Israel and international news agencies, overseeing the certification of crucial videos and imagery and facilitating partnerships. Her efforts were notably instrumental on significant occasions, such as the events surrounding the massacre of October 7th.

Rachael’s work extends beyond media communications. She engages with diverse audiences, sharing firsthand accounts of the impact of terrorism, international news response, expressing TPS's commitment to accurate, field-based reporting. During her journey at TPS, she has expanded its on-the-ground operations, seizing the initiative in global news narratives to address rising anti-Semitism.

Her proactive approach has contributed to over 10 significant international partnerships, extending TPS’s reach to billions worldwide, including collaborations with the Philippines, 22 Latin American nations, and the Czech Republic.

At the heart of Rachael’s mission is a desire to showcase Israel’s complex reality – its challenges, triumphs, and, above all, the truth. Her dedication not only reflects her professional prowess but also her personal commitment to a cause that resonates globally.

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