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Ori Sasson


- Olympic Mindset

- From mat to market mastery:
the Olympic blueprint for business success

- From anxiety to the Olympic podium

IDF, Sports, Social Media, Positive Israel


Ori Sasson, a towering figure in both stature and commitment to excellence.

This two-time Olympic medalist in judo has left an indelible mark on sporting history, showcasing unparalleled dedication on the mat and becoming a beacon of inspiration off it.

Born in Jerusalem, Israel, Ori's judo journey began at the age of seven, propelled by innate talent and family support. His Olympic saga started in 2016 with a bronze medal in Rio de Janeiro and reached new heights at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, solidifying him as Israel's only two-time Olympic medalist in judo.
Beyond the mat, Ori embraces roles as an ambassador, advocating for judo's values and using his platform to make the sport accessible to underprivileged communities.

His philanthropic endeavors, like selling at public auction his Olympic gi to raise $100K for Shalva, Israel’s Association for the Care and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities.

As a natural leader who overcame anxiety, Ori captivates audiences around the globe with insights into peak performance and resilience and lessons of excellence on and off the mat. His motivational speeches, delivered to diverse audiences from Google to the IDF, draw parallels between judo discipline and life challenges, emphasizing the importance of embracing failures for personal growth.
Ori fosters international camaraderie at events, seminars, and workshops, inspiring aspiring athletes and professionals worldwide. His life is a testament to the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and purpose—from the judo mats of Jerusalem to captivating audiences globally.

Ori Sasson's journey, both on and off the mat, encapsulates the spirit of a true champion and serves as a guiding light for those daring to dream and strive for excellence.

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