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Olga M. Washington

📍 North Carolina, USA

- The Christian Mandate to Stand with Israel

- Black-Jewish / Africa-Israel Relations

- What the Abraham Accords mean for Africa

Africa, Antisemitism, Zionism, Allyship, Christian


South African Olga Meshoe Washington is an attorney, connector, nation-builder, and story-teller. Her captivating style of delivery and ability to immerse audiences in a storytelling odyssey have made her a sought-after speaker on the global circuit. In 2022, Olga was invited to speak at the 49th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and in the same year also participated in a UNHRC side event hosted by UN Watch in Geneva.

Olga’s work in the Israel advocacy and education space has been recognized by various awards including being named as one of South Africa's 2011 influential young Christian leaders, receiving the 2016 Jerusalem Award from the World Zionist Organization in recognition of advocacy for the state of Israel and the South African Jewish Community, and being recognized as #1 among the 25 Young Global ViZIONaries by The Jerusalem Post and Jewish National Fund.

Olga serves as the Chief Executive Officer of DEISI International in Africa, and as a board member of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel in the US. She previously served as the Chief Operating Officer of Club Z, a Zionist Youth Program in the US.

Olga’s literary contributions include Israelophobia and the West by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and Paths of the Righteous: Stories of Heroism, Humanity and Hope by Ari Mittleman.

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