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Ofri Reiner


- A Survivor's spirit

Nova Festival, October 7


Ofri Reiner is a resilient Israeli survivor of the harrowing Nova massacre. At just 21 years old, she has faced the darkest trials with an indomitable spirit. Her journey is deeply intertwined with the tragedy of war; her beloved brother, Shalev Dagan, served as a combat soldier in Golani 51 and tragically lost his life. Yet, Ofri Reiner is more than just a survivor; she is a storyteller who weaves the threads of her family's journey with her own. Through her public speaking, she eloquently shares the profound impact of loss, grief, and trauma, inspiring others to find strength in adversity.

As an artist, Ofri discovered her path to healing through creativity. Her artwork captures both the agony of loss and the glimmers of hope that emerge from darkness. Drawing from her struggles, she creates pieces that resonate deeply, offering solace and understanding to others.

Ofri is no stranger to the battlefield. Until October 7th, she served as a combat soldier and commander in Search and Rescue, confronting challenges with unwavering bravery. Her first-hand experiences lend a unique perspective to her narrative, amplifying the authenticity of her message.

In a world marked by tragedy and uncertainty, Ofri Reiner stands as a beacon of hope, reminding us that AM ISRAEL CHAI—the nation of Israel lives on, united and strong, and that the human spirit can overcome even the darkest of nights.

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