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Noam Gershony


- From the black box to a gold medal

- Getting better - Faster!

- Memorial day - special

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Born and raised in Kfar Saba, Israel, Noam had a fairly typical childhood as the middle child among three siblings. He had a liking for adventure and extreme sports like bungee jumping and water skiing. Following the path of many Israeli teenagers, Noam enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces in 2001 and embarked on flight school to become a pilot for the Israeli Air Force.

By 2003, Noam had earned top honors as a helicopter pilot and became an operational Apache pilot just a year later.

In July 2006, when Hezbollah infiltrated Israeli territory and kidnapped two reservists, igniting the second Lebanon War, Noam, driven by his unwavering patriotism, didn't hesitate to serve his country.

Apache helicopters require two pilots, with one pilot maneuvering the helicopter while the other serves as the gunner. During a combat operation, Apache helicopters fly in pairs. Unfortunately, during a mission in July 2006 near the northern border with Lebanon, Noam's helicopter collided with another Israeli helicopter. Although the other helicopter managed an emergency landing, luck was not on Noam and his co-pilot's side. When paramedics arrived at the scene, they expected to find two fatalities. Thanks to the initial work of the IDF's search and rescue unit, the doctors at Rambam Hospital, and Noam's positive attitude, he not only survived but now serves as an inspiration for people around the world.

Between 2006 and 2008, Noam underwent extensive hospitalization and was later transferred to Tel HaShomer rehabilitation center. Despite the partial paralysis he suffered from the crash, Noam was determined to reclaim the aspects of his life he cherished. Sports was always a passion for Noam, and during rehabilitation, he tried various wheelchair sports. Ultimately, it was wheelchair tennis that emerged as his true passion and by 2008, he began to play competitively. In 2010, Noam was asked to join the Israeli national team and was playing in the international stage. Noam reached the semi-finals at the U.S Open and the Australian Open, and clinched victories at tournaments like the Masters in Belgium, Sydney Open and British Open.

On September 8, 2012, an entire nation watched as the flag of Israel was raised over the London Paralympics, accompanied by tears of emotion on the face of Noam Gershony. Noam's achievements at the London Paralympics were not just inspiring but a symbol of strength and perseverance. The nation could not forget that it was only six years earlier that he suffered an accident that would forever change his life. Though he modestly described his success in tennis as "a hobby that got out of control," the truth is that Noam represents control - in his life, his body, his soul, and his actions. Noam chooses life, and this has made him a symbol for the disabled community and for all people around the world. For many of us, Noam is a symbol of hope, of determination, and of triumph. Noam shows that you can achieve greatness in whatever you set your mind to, and no injury can hold you back.

In 2018, Noam received the highest honor a person can receive from the State of Israel - lighting a torch at Israel's 70th Independence Day ceremony.

Noam is actively involved with several organizations, including the Erez Foundation, and serves as the head of the committee for Magen HaKavod (The Shield of Honor), which is the President's award for sports clubs' contributions to the community and volunteering.

Today, Noam is a highly sought-after lecturer in Israel and around the world, engaging audiences of all ages with his own life story and captivating personality. His lectures produce a unique combination of inspiration, humor, and insights for success in any field, which leaves a long-lasting impression on those who hear him.

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