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Mehrpad Moattari

📍 Southern California, USA

- The Importance of Israel: Perspectives from an Iranian-American

- Resilience Against Radicalism: A Journey to Uphold Truth in the West

- Defending Democratic Values: Lessons from Life in Iran to the Global Stage

- Iran: A Tale of Two Realities - The People vs. The Regime

College, Iran, Antisemitism, Middle Eastern Relations


Mehrpad Moattari’s journey from the small town of Borujerd in Iran to becoming a passionate advocate for truth in Middle Eastern politics is as remarkable as it is inspiring. Born into a secular family in Iran which is administrated by a regime that aggressively promotes anti-Western and anti-Israeli sentiments, Mehrpad learned early the value of individual thought and the danger of propaganda. His childhood experiences, marked by compulsory participation in ideological rituals, laid the foundation for his profound understanding of the region's complexities.

Moving to the United States at the age of 15, Mehrpad’s perspective broadened, especially through his high school and life experiences, where he forged strong connections with the Jewish community. These interactions, coupled with his visit to Israel with the Jewish National Fund-USA’s Caravan for Democracy, deepened his appreciation for Israel’s role in the global context.

As a speaker, Mehrpad brings to the table not just facts and figures, but a life story that exemplifies resilience, critical thinking, and a relentless quest for truth. His talks are a blend of personal narrative and analytical discourse, providing his audience with a nuanced understanding of Middle Eastern politics, the role of Iran's government in regional instability, and the importance of supporting Israel. His speeches not only shed light on the realities of life under a regime steeped in propaganda but also underscore the importance of supporting Israel as a bastion of democracy in a tumultuous region. His story is a testament to the power of standing up for what is right and the necessity of safeguarding the freedoms that define us, and a passionate plea for vigilance against the forces that threaten democratic ways of life.

Mehrpad's advocacy extends beyond the Middle East. He draws parallels between the challenges he witnessed in Iran and those emerging in Europe, where radical ideologies are increasingly threatening the fabric of once-peaceful societies. His speeches not only recount his personal journey of resilience and truth-seeking but also serve as a clarion call to defend democratic values and freedoms, no matter the environment.

Mehrpad's commitment to sharing his unique insights and fostering informed discussions makes him an invaluable asset to any forum seeking to explore the intricate dynamics of the Middle East. Mehrpad, who holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and is currently pursuing a Master's in Business Analytics at California Polytechnic State University, blends his academic acumen with real-world insights. His experience at Grant Thornton in the tech advisory sector further honed his analytical skills.

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