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Jordyn Tilchen

📍USA & Israel

- Antisemitism on Social Media: Countering Hate and Disinformation on the Digital Battlefield

- Protecting Jewish Youth: The Growing Threat of Anti-Zionism on Campus, Online, and in the Workplace

- Antisemitism in the Digital Age: Addressing Media Bias Against Jews and the Jewish State

- Jewish Pride: Strengthening Jewish Identity in Teens and Young Adults

Social Media, College, Antisemtisim, Diaspora


Jordyn Tilchen is a journalist, editor and SEO expert who’s worked for MTV News, The New York Post, Page Six and several other renowned celebrity and entertainment news organizations.

Jordyn’s expertise lies in producing and editing engaging content that quickly goes viral due to her proficiency in conducting keyword research, optimizing headlines, and creating robust content strategies across various digital platforms.

Jordyn’s unparalleled knowledge of the internet and viral content creation led her to become a leading voice combating antisemitism on social media today, with the Jerusalem Post and JNF naming her as one of the Top 25 Zionist Visionaries of 2023. Alongside fellow Jewish, pro-Israel advocate Eden Cohen (founder of A Wider Frame), Jordyn is in the process of launching a media company that will funnel Jewish and Israel education through lifestyle and entertainment content that keeps young people engaged. Jordyn — a CUNY Hunter College alum with a bachelor’s degree in Media Studies — began her online advocacy journey in 2020, amid a noticeable rise in anti-Jewish hatred. She uses her growing platform to educate about antisemitism, respond to Jewish current events, provide advice on how to handle antisemitic bigotry online and in person, and to — most importantly — be an example of Jewish pride in an overwhelmingly intolerant world.

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