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Jonathan York

📍Los Angeles, CA, USA

- AL TIRA: Diary from a Nation at War
- From Tehran to Tel Aviv: a personal geography and lessons for the road ahead
- The Day After:
Observartions from post-October 7th Israel



Jonathan York is a multihyphenate—a lawyer, investor, artist and filmmaker.

By day, Jonathan manages the Los Angeles-based York Enterprises, a private real estate investment firm.

Previously, he practiced law at DLA Piper and held various roles at Deloitte, Twitter and the US State Department, where he was a Middle East analyst during the Arab Spring.
In addition to his professional pursuits, Jonathan is a multidisciplinary artist. His large installation works, featured in both private and institutional venues, merge elements of architecture with the fine arts, regularly serving as a medium for Jewish communal connection and interactivity.

His first museum exhibition is forthcoming this fall.

Jonathan's artistic repertoire includes his first film project, "AL TIRA (Do Not Fear): Diary from a Nation at War," a poignant documentary capturing the daily life of Israelis during the conflict that erupted on October 7th.

Compiled from footage filmed on his iPhone in December 2023, the film presents intimate vignettes from the funeral of a soldier to the everyday oddities of wartime. In its initial weeks, AL TIRA screened to a dozen sold out audiences in New York, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv.

Jonathan is widely recognized for his perceptive observations of Israeli society. His ability to narrate the intricacies of daily life within a complex geopolitical and social landscape has earned him accolades and audiences across the country.

A noted public speaker, Jonathan delivered the student commencement address at Stanford in 2013, where he reflected on his intersectional identity as an Iranian-American Jew.

Jonathan earned his BA from Stanford University, where he later received his Juris Doctor from Stanford Law School. He also holds a Master’s in Real Estate Development from USC.

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