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Jared Armstrong

📍 Philadelphia, PA, USA

- Fight for Israeli Citizenship

- Israel-Hamas Experience (was in war zone for 6 days)

-Excelling in midst of adversity, perservance & determination, faith.

Sports, College, Antisemitism, Small Communities


Jared Armstrong is a 27 year-old Jewish Black American-Israeli professional basketball player, who currently plays in Israel for Elizur Ashkelon. With the help of longtime confidant of President Biden, Rabbi Michael Beals, in 2021 Jared launched a successful public advocacy effort to pursuade the Israeli Ministry of Interior to recognize his right to make aliya and claim Israeli citizenship .
Jared, who resides in Philadelphia during the off-season, has used his platform at the intersection of the Black and American Jewish experience, together with his expertise in sports, public advocacy and education to speak out against Anti-Black racism and Antisemitism, both through public speaking and through education.

In 2023, Jared started JAB Camp, a Philadelphia-based basketball camp bringing together Black and Jewish youth with the aim of teaching hard work, pluralism, and unity through diversity.

Jared’s work combatting discrimination, anti-black racism, and Antisemitism, has been covered in ABC, CBS, Jerusalem Post, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the Times of Israel, and elsewhere. Jared has received support from prominent athletes, U.S. and Israeli government officials, and many more. Jared graduated from Slippery Rock University

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