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Itai Reuveni

Exclusive representation


- The Delegitimization Campaign against Israel - History, Civil Society, and the Major Players

- Antisemitism, Demonization and Human Rights NGOs

- Fighting in two fronts - 7/10 from the eyes of an IDF combat reservist and an Israeli activist

- Soft Power and Terrorism - How Terror Organizations Maximize their Violence with Soft- Power Tactic

International Law, BDS, Terrorism, IDF


Itai Reuveni is an expert on social movements and civil society, NGO’s role in conflict, the deligitamazion campaign against Israel, terrorism and antisemitism.

Itai is currently the Director of Communications at NGO Monitor, a Jerusalem based non-profit research institute.

For more than 7 years, until 2019, Itai was also the director of the Israel Research Desk. Itai is an alumnus of the International Visitor Leadership Program, a prestigious program run by the United States State Department that deals with issues relating to the promotion of human rights. Itai earned a BA in Political Science and Iranian Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he also obtained an MA in Political Science and International Affairs.

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