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Gadi Ezra


- From the Law Books to the Battlefield

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IDF, Gaza, International Law


Gadi Ezra is Israel’s former National Public Diplomacy Unit Director at the Prime Minister’s Office. Gadi was responsible for coordinating and integrating public diplomacy – among all official elements in the State of Israel – on issues of national importance regarding all target audiences. He coordinated many public diplomacy efforts (including US President Joe Biden's visit to Israel and complex security operations) and orchestrated national force-building projects on behalf of the country. Today, he’s a commentator for the “Relevant” channel and a requested contributor for Israeli and foreign media on national security and diplomacy. His debut book, “11 Days in Gaza”, describing his team’s experiences in Gaza, will be published soon.

During his multiple global tours, Gadi shared his unusual perspective on war with thousands, based on his vast experience as a human rights attorney and a Special Forces veteran. In addition, Gadi frequently provides strategic briefings regarding Israel’s challenges in the security, diplomatic, and legal arenas, as well as Jewish peoplehood and social aspects.

Previously, Gadi advised the defense establishment on international strategic matters and lectured at Tel-Aviv University on the law while pursuing a Ph.D. there. He also headed the laws of war desk at the Israeli MFA, where he advised diplomats on humanitarian law and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Gadi holds three law degrees from Tel-Aviv University and NYU School of Law, specializing in public law and human rights. At NYU, he was the first Israeli chosen to deliver the convocation speech on behalf of his classmates. Forbes Magazine named Gadi one of the most influential leaders in Israel under 30 (the "30 UNDER 30" list).

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