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Gabriel Groisman

📍Miami, FL, USA

- The Power of Connection: How Jewish Pride, Zionism and Religious Observance Will Revitalize and Strengthen Our People.

- The Honeymoon Period for the Jewish Diaspora is Over: Anti-Semitism in Modern Day America.

- A Clear Look at the American Political Landscape and Its Relationship with Israel Today and What it May Look Like Tomorrow.

Diaspora, Religion, Antisemitism


Gabriel Groisman is a Jewish community leader and a strong voice supporting the Jewish community, with a focus on fighting against antisemitism, strengthening the community, and building bridges between Israel and the US. Groisman served as Mayor of Bal Harbour for six years through November 2022. He wrote and passed the nation’s first municipal anti-BDS ordinance and was the first in the nation to codify a uniform definition of anti-Semitism in December 2017.

Groisman has presented around the world including at the United Nations, the Italian Parliament, the Israeli Knesset and for groups across the country and abroad. Groisman is also a columnist with his op-ed appearing in publications such as the Daily Wire, Israel National News, Jewish News Syndicate, and more. Also, Groisman is a regular commentator on Spanish language TV and radio on various issues pertaining to Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish community.

Groisman is a practicing attorney and government affairs consultant as a partner at LSN Partners. He also often advises on legal cases around the world related to protecting the Jewish community from discriminatory conduct by governments and private individuals alike, including recently filing a Title VI Complaint against University of Berkeley Law School, and fighting discriminatory labeling practices by the European Union.

At the end, he is most proud of being the father to 5 daughters and a husband to his wife Lisa for 20 years.

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