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Alon Wald


- From Echoes to Epiphanies: 'Daddy, Now I Know' - The Symbolic Ascent of Paratroopers Kilimanjaro for Closure

-Eternal Vigilance: unveiling the Ammunition Hill Mythos through Recollection & Belonging

- Through the JerusaLENS: Illuminating Legacies, Bridging Generations

IDF, Jerusalem


Alon Wald is the Head of Operations at Ammunition Hill, National Heritage Center. He is the son of Captain Rami Wald z"l, who fought in the 55th Paratroopers Brigade in Jerusalem during the Six-Day War, and was killed in action while leading the Paratroopers into Ammunition Hill.

Alon served his country as an officer in several elite IDF units, the Israeli Secret Service (Shabak), and oversaw security operations in Israeli embassies and aviation services around the world. He is now married to Iris and has three amazing daughters.

Representing the second-generation, the "Torch Bearers", Alon dedicates his life to keeping the legacy of the Liberators of Jerusalem-and among them, the memory of his father-alive.

For the last 10 years, Alon has been involved on a daily basis in the ongoing operations of Ammunition Hill. During those years, Ammunition Hill has evolved into an international worthy site, finding multi-layered, creative, and inspiring ways to present the legacy of the protectors of Israel. And while doing so, seeking and focusing on the widest common denominator of our nation - The core human values.

Alon describes in his lectures a lifetime of experience serving his nation and his lifetime efforts to know and understand his absent father: a carpenter, a husband, a proud father to a 10-month-old baby. An IDF reservist of the Paratrooper Brigade who left his wife and son in June 1967 for the greater good, and the survival of his nation.

Alon shares in his lectures the questions, insights & efforts to belong and be worthy of such an epic legacy; and the many meaningful and powerful closures he has reached throughout his journey in a most intimate way.

In his lecture, Alon blends the personal aspect of his story with the military and national aspect of it, and while doing so, collects the sources of Core Values that were carved forever during the epic battles of the Liberation of Jerusalem, and offers them back to his audience. Comradery and , Bravery, Loyalty and Commitment to Your Nation, Leadership, Volunteering, Persistence, and more are presented and shared in the most relevant way.

Such core values are used, surely nowadays, when Israel is struggling once again with war challenges, and with tough moral questions, as an educative source of inspiration, as a bonding link between generations and between the Jewish and NonJewish people all over the globe & the State of Israel.

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