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Adele Raemer


- Life on the Border with the Gaza Strip

US-Israel Relations, Gaza, Terrorism, Small Communities


Adele Raemer, an American-born Israeli living in Kibbutz Nirim near Gaza since 1975, is a passionate advocate for Israel's Southern border region. Stationed there during her army service, she fell in love with the community and stayed, despite ongoing challenges from Gaza. Founder of the 8,000-member Facebook group "Life on the Border with Gaza," Adele provides firsthand updates to a global audience. Experienced in hundreds of rocket attacks, she's a frequent blogger for the Times of Israel and an international speaker, sharing her border experiences.

Nominated by Haaretz Newspaper and invited to address UN ambassadors, Adele is now part of a team trained in Public Diplomacy by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Her work with JNF includes an art shelter decoration project, paused temporarily due to security concerns. As a survivor of recent tragedies and an advocate for her community, Adele remains dedicated to her civilian public diplomacy, considering it her best tool for defending her country, region, and family.

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