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Justin Ellis

📍New York City, NY, USA

- The Power of You: How to be an effective communicator for Israel

- Pre-State Israeli History: How the Jewish people gained political independence in its homeland for the first time in 2000 years

- Conflict Ground Zero: Unpacking the Palestine refugee issue and the right of return

Positive Israel, US-Israel Relations, College


Justin Ellis fell in love with Israel when he lived there after college, but his connection advanced to the next level when he started helping others establish their own relationship to it.

Unlike traditional Israel advocacy educators, Justin utilizes his background in communication to facilitate effective conversations about the conflict which can transcend society's political and cultural differences.

Justin previously served as the Executive Director of Fuel For Truth, a non-profit organization that equips individuals with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to discuss Israel in their social networks.

He has provided workshops for thousands of students, young adults, and communities throughout the US and has spoken for leading organizations including Jewish National Fund, The Jewish Agency For Israel, Jewish Federations of North America, and Sinai Temple of Los Angeles. When he's not engaging in Israel education or Jewish identity empowerment, Justin works in NYC's Diamond District and can be found spending time with his wife and son.

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