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Joel Chasnoff


- Stand-up comedy: Joel Chasnoff Live
- Purity of Arms - The Ethical dilemmas that IDF soldiers face in combat
- Keynote: Magical Israel (The power of our connection with Israel)

Comedy, Positive Israel, IDF


Joel Chasnoff is a stand-up comedian and author of three best-selling books about Israel, including the recently released Israel 201.

As a keynote, he’s performed and/or lectured at multiple JNF National Conferences, Regional Galas, and Living Room Parlor events.

To date, Joel has performed his unique brand of clean, Israel-positive comedy at more than 1,500 Jewish events in ten countries. Highlights include the Melbourne Comedy Festival in Australia, Limmud in the US and UK, and Israeli late-night TV.

A Chicago native, Joel is a former IDF lone soldier who served in a combat unit in the Golan Heights and South Lebanon. He recounts this experience in his comedic memoir The 188th Crybaby Brigade.

Joel’s other books include the cookbook Balaboosta, co-written with Israeli celebrity chef Einat Admony, and the aforementioned Israel 201.

In his weekly newsletter, Hebrew Is Magic, Joel introduces readers to the hidden life lessons embedded in Hebrew words.

Joel currently resides in Ra’anana, Israel, with his family. He tours North American multiple times a year.

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